Edmonton, Alberta

October 16-17
The Sutton Place Hotel

Toronto, Ontario

October 30-31
St. Andrew’s Club &
Conference Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 13-14
The Westin Nova Scotian

Think National… Act Local

The 2017 Canadian Home Care Association Summits will explore solutions to national home care challenges.










Think Tanks


 Patient & Family Engagement
New funding models
HHR Skills Building

Edmonton, Alberta

October 16-17


Bundled Care
Acute Care (ALC & ER)
Primary Health Care

Toronto, Ontario

October 30-31


Performance Measures
Quality & Safety
Patient Experience

Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 13-14

About the 2017 Home Care Summits®

Think Nationally

Exploring Home Care Challenges

How can we achieve a vision of home, not a hospital or long-term care facility, as the best place to recover from an illness or injury, manage long-term conditions, and live out ones’ final days?

What systems, models, indicators, funding, education, training, technology are needed?

How can Canadians get more and better home care?

The 2017 Home Care Summits® will answer these questions and identify the actions we need to take to achieve more and better home care.

Act Locally

Creating Practical Solutions

Held in strategic three locations across Canada – Halifax, Toronto and Edmonton, the Summits will provide an opportunity to explore local priorities while learning from home care leaders from across the country.

Summit participants will engage in an interactive group setting to define and develop an array of strategies and solutions that can be adapted to their unique context.  Conversations and new ideas will be stimulated by guest speakers who will share their experiences and expertise.

Join the discussions in person or virtually and be part of the movement to make home care better. Keynote and feature sessions will be broadcast live from Summit locations and accessible to home care teams in their local jurisdictions.

Summit Partner Sponsors

Is your organization a catalyst for change?

Does your organization have new ideas and programs for the home care sector?

Do you want to make home care better?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will want to be part of the 2017 Home Care Summits®.

The CHCA Summit team will work with organizations who are catalysts for change and will bring new ideas and programs to make home care better. The unique sponsorship packages will ensure maximum awareness and involvement in the Summit program and support meaningful interactions with delegates.

Program for the 2017 Home Care Summits®

Each 1 ½ day Summit will provide opportunities to explore local and national home care priorities in addition to learning about successful models and practices from other jurisdictions across the country.

  • Invited experts to discuss their views and experience on the home care challenge.
  • Discussion Forums (Interactive Groups).
  • Small group sessions enable participants to share hands-on perspectives, work through common issues and develop concrete solutions.

Day 1 (1/2 day)


This facilitated discussion will engage participants to address a local challenge or priority that will impact better home care within the region.

Day 2 (full day)


Recognized thought leaders will provides a common grounding for the participants and set the mood for the day’s discussion.

Challenge Topic Panel

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